Meg Nicholas WordPress Developer


I am Meg Nicholas.

I am a WordPress Developer ….

wordpress developer

With 25 years of experience in the IT industry …

I have a Batchelor Honours degree in Computing  and Music from Liverpool University, and a Diploma in Management from the Open University. As a developer, I have worked for many very large companies down to small start-ups in a wide range of industries including, banking, retail, building and non-profit charities. I am also a musician, but that’s another story.

WordPress is in my core …

I have 10 years of experience in the PHP language and WordPress CMS. I am the author of a very popular and free WordPress plugin that has been installed on more than 40,000 WordPress sites around the world.

Reliability is in my core …

I have worked with some very high profile companies, so I have experienced some very demanding project managers. I have learned to organise my time, and conduct my business operations in an efficient way. My clients are always put first.

Work with me

My business background means that I am able to quickly understand your needs. I can communicate with ease in a non-technical way. I like to work with people who can communicate their needs clearly too. Here are some of my recent projects.