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Jim Caddy - Tree Surgery Website

After an initial meeting, it was clear that Jim is different from his competitors in that he could be more competitive on price but still offer a high-quality service from his extremely skilled and experienced team of tree surgeons.

As with all the sites from Meg Nicholas Web Design, the site was designed with his strengths in mind, while also highlighting satisfied customers by including a testimonial and gallery section.

The site is extremely fast-loading and has been SEO optimised. Jim should find that in a short time he will attract the type of customer that is ideal for his business.

It was a pleasure working with Jim Caddy.

Here's what Jim had to say!

I’ve been working with Meghan on my website, and I must say, she’s done a top-notch job. The website has been a real game-changer for my business, keeping me busy even during the slower winter months. The design and content are spot on, and the fact that there are no hosting fees is a huge bonus. It’s been a ‘set and forget’ for me, but I know Meghan is always there to lend a hand if I need any changes.

Thanks for helping me branch out online!

Jim Caddy - JimCaddyTreeSurgery.co.uk
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