Version 4.1.9 provides support for Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 has now been released and there have been quite a few changes along with it. In version 4.1.9 of the Clean and Simple Contact Form I have introduced support for Bootstrap 3. So if your WordPress theme uses Bootstrap 3 then this version of the contact form will work nicely with it. The html markup for the contact form has been updated to use the new classes supplied by the new version of the framework along with the stylesheet that comes with the plugin. I have kept compatibility with the previous version of Bootstrap (2.3.2) so if your theme uses this then all should still be fine.

There are two potential issues with this update so please read on:

On upgrade the input boxes are too wide

In order to be more responsive to different media the input boxes now take up 100% of the width given to the form. If this is too wide for you add some markup around the shortcode to make the width smaller. This example sets the width of all elements in the contact form to 600 pixels wide:

<div style="width: 600px;">[cscf-contact-form]</div>

A small incompatibility with Bootstrap 2.3.2

If your theme is using the older version of Bootstrap (2.3.2) make sure that you use your theme’s stylesheet not the one that comes with the plugin. This is because there is a small incompatibility between 2.3.2 and 3.0.0. which makes the ‘Message’ box slightly wider than the other input boxes. To turn off the default stylesheet go to the settings screen for the plugin and uncheck ‘Use the plugin default stylesheet‘ under the ‘Styling and Validation‘ section:

Styling And Valididation SettingsI hope to be using more of the juicy functionality that comes with Bootstrap 3 in future updates so watch this space.

Download the new version here.

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