Help! I Do Not Receive The Email!

A very common support question I get from users of my Contact Form Plugin is ‘I do not receive the email, what’s wrong?’ I know this must be very frustrating, this post aims to help you send that email!

I’m getting an error: ‘Sorry, there has been a problem and your message was not sent’.

First let me explain that installing my plugin will not magically enable email on your site! The contact form uses the standard WordPress function wp_mail() to send the email.

An email server must exist on the web server that your site is hosted on. A tell tale sign of an email server not being present is not getting the standard notification emails from WordPress, such as when a new comment is added, or a new user.

Make sure you have a valid email address entered in the General settings of WordPress and then check under the Discussion settings that you have ticked ‘Email me whenever‘ -> ‘Anyone posts a comment‘. If you still don’t get notification emails from WordPress then the chances are high that email has not been setup on your web server. Contact your hosting provider and ask them to install it for you. Alternatively consider using a third party SMTP provider along with an SMTP plugin like WP Mail SMTP.

I Do Not Receive The Email

If you are not getting an error message but you do not receive any emails please check the following:

Check You Have Entered A Recipient Email Address

When the plugin is first installed this field will default to the WordPress Administrator email address. Make sure it is filled in with a valid email address. Check in the settings for the contact form under ‘Recipient Emails :‘.

Check the Email Hasn’t Been Marked as ‘Spam’ by Akismet

From version 4.3.0 and onwards all input from the contact form is checked for spam using Akismet. If Akismet thinks the message is spam, the email is not sent and instead it is logged as a spam comment under the page that the contact form resides on. This will only happen if you have the Akismet plugin installed and activated. If you have entered something like ‘test‘ in the message field this will most likely be seen as spam by Akismet. Check under the ‘Spam’ Comments section and then re-test with something less spammy.

Check in Your Junk/Spam/Archive Section of your Email Client

For Google Apps users sometimes Gmail will automatically archive a message if both the sender and recipient email address are from the same domain. If you use a desktop client check on webmail.

The Email Will Not Send From Another Domain

Are you finding that all is well when you send from [email protected] to the recipient address [email protected] but not from [email protected]? It is likely that your email provider is not letting you send from any email address. When the contact form sends the email it will use the email address of the form filler as the ‘From Address’ in the email. Some email providers will not allow this because there is a possibility for abuse by spammers. If this is the case then you will need to fix the from address to one within your domain. On the settings screen of the contact form tick ‘Override ‘From’ Address :‘ and then enter an email address that you own in the ‘‘From’ Email Address :‘  box underneath. This will make all emails appear to come from you instead. You won’t be able to click the ‘reply’ button to quickly reply, but don’t worry, your form-filler’s email address will be in the message so you will know who to reply to. If you are not happy with this and want to be able to click the ‘reply’ button, consider using a third party SMTP provider along with an SMTP plugin like WP Mail SMTP for example.

Some Useful Links

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I hope this post helped you to resolve your emailing issues. If you are still having problems, please don’t email me directly. The best thing you can do is to comment below or go to the support forum for WordPress or for this plugin.

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